I'm 23, I follow a rigorous but healthy diet and exercise plan, yet I'm gaining weight rapidly.

I suffer from excruciating cramps and heavy flow, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, upset stomach, inflammed liver, intense malaise, groginess throughout the day, dry and irritible skin, cold hands and feet, mood swings, thinning hair, sore muscles (especially in the back), sore and asymmetrical breasts, constant bloating, brain fog, migraines, and increasingly suicidal impulses, all of which are becoming worse and worse.

Thyroid tests are negative, but estrogen dominence may account for it not showing up.

My doctor put me on levathroxyn for about 6 months. When my symptoms continued to worsen and I put on another 20 lbs, I thought I must need a higher dose for the medicine to take effect. But I suffered tremors and rapid heartbeat on the 100mg, so I stopped taking it altogether.

To be completely honest, I can't afford to go to an endocrynologist (even if I could find one in the remote area I live in) or pay for anymore bloodwork, since I'm still paying off the thyroid test from 6 months ago. But I'm fairly certain I have ED.

So for about a week now, I've been taking a half tsp of ground oregano, thyme, and turmeric 3 times a day with meals (as recommended for ED) and have felt a little more balanced and my period came and went with little to no pain or bloating. Otherwise there's been no noticeable difference; my body isn't responding to diet or exercise. I've had one or two good night's sleep, but my insomnia and anxiety are as bad as ever during the night's between. What's more, I worry there may be some adverse effect I'm not aware of in regard to these herbs I'm taking.

I've considered progesterone hormone treatment, but I've heard really horrible reviews; mostly weight gain, hairloss, and a general worsening of all symptoms (including an increased risk of cancer and liver damage), which is supposed to be all part of the process. And I'm still not certain whether you have to continue taking the suppliments forever, whether you can wean yourself off it, or whether the dosage must be strengthened as your body builds a tolerance. No two sites I've visited seem to agree, and the only positive reviews I've read on this hormone therapy were few and trivial.

I want to avoid taking such drastic measures as progesterone hormone treatment, the process of which sounds very expensive, risky, unpromising, and even dangerous. And I'd like to avoid becoming bodily addicted to anything or having to take a medication that would have to be strengthened as my tolerance builds up.

Obesity, hypothyroidism, ovarian cancer, high blood pressure, low heartrate, stroke, liver damage, deep veins, brittle hair, and loss of hair all over the body run in both sides of my family.

My problems began ever since I was little. When I was about eight or so, I started putting on a lot of weight for no reason, and no matter how little I ate or how hard I exercised, nothing seemed to work. From age 12 to 15, I lived on 200 calories a day while doing extremely hard 45 minute exercise segments in the morning, noon, and night, between very active and difficult farmwork. Never lost an inch.

A few years ago, I put myself on weight watchers and was thrilled to lose about thirty pounds, even though I was eating more and exercising less than ever. But about a year later, without doing anything differently, I began gaining again. I gained back all the weight I'd lost plus an extra fifty lbs.
I've continued the diet and have doubled the exercise routine (keeping rigorous but not to the point of exhaustion as before). But I'm terrified that I'll continue to gain.

Please, if anyone has any information as to what it is I have, what my options are to treat it, if any of the treatments have been successful, if there are any risks to taking oregano, thyme, and turmeric 3 times a day, inform me.