I have been on Thorazine in the past for severe PTSD panic episodes, it was discontinued because it started to plummet by blood pressure, it had never done it before (I was on it for 8 years) but the doctors didn't want to take any chances that it would continue. My blood pressure is now sky high, (stroke & heart attack range) I am on two blood pressure meds that have been doubled. I am trying to get it back because I had a SEVERE PTSD panic episode on Saturday 5/22 and my blood pressure went to 188/136 & heart rate 128, it has been 6 days and it hasn't come down much, today 142/104 & pulse 102. There was 127 motorcycles that went by me very fast & loud with three police escorts for some kind of rally. I don't deal with bikes well because of something that happened that I have not dealt with. Can't find someone professional that I can trust. Our local Mental Health Center violated my rights twice this year & now closed my case because I went to my primary care doctor with this info. She will be calling them tomorrow 5/28 after my appt. with her. I wish she was a psychiatrist, she is great and doesn't put me down for having a mental illness like others have. WHAT DO I DO NOW? My primary care doctor is not comfortable with prescribing psychiatric drugs like this but it is the only thing that helps me when I get like this. I'm on Paxil 40mg in the morning & 2mg of Ativan at bedtime, not helping & not sleeping. I've tried Klonopin, Risperadol, Prozac, and many others, nothing helps like Thorazine. I have noone to prescribe for me now & I'm getting desperate. If it wasn't for my wonderful husband, my two cats and a dear friend, I probably wouldn't be asking for your help today after what happened Sat. I know alot of you folks think I am a strong, helpful person but right now I'm the one asking for your help & advice. Anyone have any? PLEASE!!! marjorie zych