Back in 2006 my parents took me to the Cleveland Clinic to try and figure out what was wrong with me. They couldn't tell me anything, but offered a month long course on pain management. The clinic was 4 hours away and you had to attend everyday for a month. It wasn't possible then, but now my local hospital has the program. I recently was accepted and start in a couple of weeks but it seems like they focus more on Fibromyalgia and not the Myofascial Pain. This is the same problem I have been running into over and over again. I need a good physical therapist that knows and understands trigger points not one that is going to make me do exercises with muscles that are "charlie horsed". Would you run down the street to relieve a calf muscle that was in a charlie horse or would you stop stretch and rub it? This seems so simple to me and so complex for doctors to understand. In addition, I was on Effexor before and it didn't do anything at all to help me. Now they want to put me on Savella and isn't that just more of the same? I am just trying to move forward and feel like I am being pushed backwards. Any suggestions? I am open to hearing them.