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Has anybody diagnosed w/Bi-polar smoked pot? If so has it helped your condition or made it worse?

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Psychmajor 25 Nov 2009

i know i commented already on your other post buuuut i wanna put out my feelings on BP and pot... if your in the manic phase (for BP-1 i think) it acts like a depressant for your Central Nervous system (brain and spine) which would work for manic phase i would assume (slowing down your body). but for the depression it would make it worse (some people have pot-mainly sativa strains- help depression dunno how cuz i dont study pot much) since depression is already a slowing of your body/mind (less norepinephrine/seritonin means parasympathetic (wined down system )nervous system is engaged and over active) meaning any depressant to the CNS would cause more problems

all theoretical and thought of completely by my self

oktoday 28 Nov 2009

For me pot smoking has made it worse. When i am manic it tends to make my mania more crazier and it seems fun at the time but the crash is hard and I do believe like the person above said it made my depression 10 times worse; I stay away from it all together. My motto if it doesnt help me then i stay away from it; Think about it even though they give us psychoactive drugs and then we put more psychoactive drugs in our system we can be setting us up. I am not anti-pot and believe in its healing powers for some but for me it definately has made my manice phase almost delusional and my depressive phase much more deeper. hang in there,keep asking the questions and u will get there.

reelwater 28 Nov 2009

I really appreciate your input. I am researching this on my own & I'm not sure what to do yet. It really helps out that you took the time to tell me what has happened w/you & I hope one day I can give you a pointer or two. With many thanks. As soon as I figure this out I will post it. Thank-you again!

reelwater 30 Nov 2009

Hi, Went to talk to my Dr. about everything (MD) & he said okay he will approve it. I asked him what to tell the Dr. that prescribes my bi-polar meds. He said he is not going to approve it. I suppose because the Psych. needs to prescribe so many presc.? Anyway, my MD gave me a muscle relaxer called Norflex until I get the paperwork done. Took it yesterday & did not agree w/ me at all. To me that was my last resort as far as pain meds. go. I will continue taking Ibuprofen until I take the plunge & start w/the marijuana. I'm still not certain what to do but I don't want to take ibuprofen the rest of my life & rot my stomach out. Which I already have an ulcer so I'm still trying to figure it out but I heard that I definitely have to stay on my anti-depressant. Any more thoughts I'd appreciate it.

Inactive 4 Mar 2010

Somking pot has always made me feel very paranoid even when I did it when I was younger and thats why I never really smoked it that much. I know when I am manic, my body feels like it is going to explode and I already have that paranoid feeling so I am scared to smoke it then. I am on 11 different medicines (5 of those for my physical pain and the others for my "mental pain"). Does it help you? Who knows I am at my wits end with everything, might try it ! Please respond back I am curious how it effects you.

Jealousi 2 Apr 2011

I was diagnosed at the age of 9 years old as manic depressive (bi-polar), ADHD (with extreme hyperactivity symptoms) and having epilepsy as well. There has not been a time in my life that I have been able to function like a normal member of society without the assistance of marijuana. Even the times when I have not had insurance and been able to afford my meds or even see my psychiatrist for that matter I have ALWAYS been able to "self medicate" with marijuana. I started experimenting with it very shortly after starting middle school (about 10 years old) and by the age of 13 I was having to smoke everyday just to get through concentrating on my schoolwork. I am now in my 30's and cannot ever recall a time in my life that I have been able to live without using marijuana to self medicate myself.

kimichi 25 Feb 2012

I am bipolar and smoking marijuana has never had any negative effects for me, and I'm a daily user. it helps me when my mind is racing and I need to relax or go to sleep. Hope this helps I see a wide range of opinions here. free discount card

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