I am a newer member and I have posted a Q that is very hard to talk about but i have been on my pain meds for 5 yrs now all prescribed by my doctor, have i taken my med as directed? no! well in the beginning i did but we know how that goes, 1 leads to 2 and 2 leads to 4 and then 4 leades to 8 ect, i beleve we all know where a i am going with this. I never thought i would be an addict, we sometimes think just because a doctor gives us meds that its fine and its legal and oh nooo i would never be dependent on these pain pills, no not me! but it is me and i was in a very long term relationship but i lost her due to my pain pills, well that was at least 50% of the reason and the other 50% was a culture diff. turns out she was a very cold person and could care less about the pain i was in and always thought i was lying and it was just in my head.. I don't know if this makes any sense to those who are reading this but i just wanted to ask! I am slowly getting off my pain meds and now that she is out of my life for over a 1 1/2 yrs i now realize that we were really never meant to be but i just thought it was sad that you could love someone so much and they leave ya because they thought you were full of shi* because you had so many pain isues.. Just wondering if anyone went threw this with your wife, girlfriend or husband ?? Or am i just feeling sorry for myself? I treated her with love, respect and allways very loyal... God I hope this makes any kind of sense! I wrote this an hr ago and have been wondering if i should hit the submitt button but what the hell, hear it goes.. Thank you for taking the time out to read this very long Question. God Bless!