I am currently under 12 weeks harvoni treatment, I have 2 weeks to go. I had very mild side effects, mild headache the first 2 weeks and some tiredness after 4 or 5 hours I took the tablet, I had some diarrhea the fest week only, but after the 4th week I started to be constipated so I change my diet and I started to eat lots of veggies, dried fruits and nuts and about 2 litres of water every day... I feel alright now but I have to be careful about my diet. I m having trables sleeping so I m taking 5 mg of temazepam 2 hours before bed time and a double camomile tea and I sleep all night... I have been lucky so far because I know people had some worse symptoms. After 4 week of treat. my virus load was 0 and my liver functions back to normal... I was lucky..I wish everyone to get rid of this bad virus,
get better and go on with theirs own life