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Harvoni - Lot's of glowing reviews but does anybody have statistics on how long this cure lasts?

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Stephen Treloar 23 Oct 2015

Thats a difficult one as it has only been in use for a year and bit (from bad memory). Anecdotally I can say that I have read of two relapses (quite soon after the cessation of therapy) and more successes than I can count.
I don't quite understand your question about how long does it last? Forever is the plan but never describe a cure as immunity as people can be re-infected with the Virus again by a third party.

Everyone undergoing treatment should get rid of or avoid potentially contaminated articles to avoid self re-infection or infection by a third party.

I hope this answers part of your question.

faith2b 28 Oct 2015

That is a good point about getting rid of contaminated articles. I never thought of getting a new tooth brush or razor until after treatment. And only because I needed a new toothbrush. I then realized that OMG I FOR GOT TO GET RID OF MY TOOTHBRUSH AND RAZOR! I think your dr. Or Harvoni should mention things like starting new and be sure to ..get rid of anything that may have your blood on it.! I have had hep c for over 20 yrs ... it had become part of me,,, I hope I didn't get infected. My dumb blonde self never thought of those things. I had my 3 month blood work and still negative, but, if I remember you can have hep c and be undetected for some time. I will worry about this for a long time that is for sure. Any input on this situation anybody??

Cureforsure15 23 Oct 2015

After a 6 month treatment of HARVONI and 3 months after my last pill ... the HepC virus has been officially "eradicated" and according to my University of Pennsylvania Head GI Doctor... after living with the disease for 40years I am CURED! And along with that ... I went from F3/4 to F2/3! Please Don't spend precious time worrying about what if's... bask in the joy of having this Amazing medication that is a CURE which has a 96% effective rate!

jrcpitt80 23 Oct 2015

I went and got the good news from my doctor that I was cured. I even asked him if I needed to come back in a year to get rechecked. He looked at me and said "Why'. The virus is out of me. Like stated above, take precautions if being re infected.

Mgreenem 27 Oct 2015

I wanted to wait until I got lab results to answer this. I am HCV free!!! I also have been infected for almost 40 years. I had little to no side effects on Harvoni. I could barely exist on interferon and ribilviran. Drink water all day long and exercise! Good luck

Tim Gibson 27 Oct 2015

Please don't take this the wrong way but I think if you looked back at previous "cures" the first year was filled with plenty of successes. Live in the moment and don't think about it ever coming back. Also keep taking milk thistle and avoid fried foods.

Stephen Treloar 9 May 2016

I think the vikeira pak was the last years baddie. Now comes with a health warning "not to be used in patients with liver disease". It's killed more than 30 people and caused massive Liver damage to many more. I read of one case here where the patient now clear of the virus was wondering why she looked 12 months pregnant had swollen legs and ankles, was visibly yellow and what did that mean? Pretty easy to diagnose in advanced Hepatitis but not when you just got cured of HCV and the first time those symptoms appear after you are cured.

illinformedpatient 24 Nov 2015

Unfortunately, we will have to wait. I belonged to a group and there were quite a few folks who relapsed. I go for my SVR 12 soon, so I will know. To be quite honest, I am very sorry I took this drug. I am 11 weeks post treatment, never took anything before, Fibrosis 1-2 and got horrible cardiac side effects, as well as am sicker now than before treatment. I learned that Gilead is not being honest with a great deal about this drug, and that is because of the $$$. I also learned there are forums on Facebook that Gilead runs. And if people on Harvoni share their side effects, the comments get deleted and the person gets removed from the group. The truth will come out in a few years, just as it did with Interferon. Harvoni is not all that!!

Tim Gibson 25 Nov 2015

I read a remark that the main reason a drug company initially uses a high % cure rate was so insurance companies would pay for it. Harvoni being 81% Sovaldi makes me want to measure one against the other. If you can relapse after being pronounced Nondetectable post Sovaldi then why would Harvoni be any better? If Harvoni is indeed somewhere around 97%-99% effective then why are so many people being told there are "better alternatives" in the pipeline? Why say that when the FDA last week gave the okay to use it for every genome type but 2? Hopefully Gilead's censoring isn't what it appears I don't want you to doubt your treatment.Maybe they got it right and more can join you in declaring they're cured.Thanks for being honest Illinformedpatient.

Stephen Treloar 8 Jun 2016

Ill informed patient and Tim Gibson; could you get back to us and provide an update? free discount card

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