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Harvoni - How long does it take to get this drug approved? Thank you?

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kaismama 7 Nov 2014

Approved by whom? It is approved by the FDA.

IAMMAC 27 Nov 2014

I was referring to my insurance company. Let me add this it may answer some others questions.
I am 82 I have Aetna Medicare Advantage
I found out I had Hep C from a blood test because I would get itchy, and then I would scratch the itch, and my skin would erupt in a deep red color with tiny bumb's. I was referred to a Hepatoligist, after he reviewed all the bleed tests, he asked me lots of personal questions. He told me, I could not take the long term drugs they are all toxic, and that my best bet was to try using this new drug Harvoni. He, had his office put in a request for Harvoni.
To make this post shorter about 4 weeks later I called Aetna my request was refused be cause there was not enough information supplied in the request. I appealed on the phone, I spoke with an appeal operated, and explained to her what the doctor told me, and I added some things that I learned on line about the disease.

Brian of NC 25 Jan 2015

I have Humana it was approved within a week for me, my doctor did all the insurance paper work, etc: call your doctor have them handle it

Tom3 7 Nov 2014

It is approved by the FDA. I received my Harvoni in the mail today.

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Bobbeo24 8 Nov 2014

Anybody know which insurance companies will cover Harvoni?

Tom3 8 Nov 2014

I have blue cross blue shield. Also qualified for a copay.

paulette47 13 Nov 2014

It took only 72 hours for my insurance to approve this drug and on the third day it was at my door through the Mayo Clinic..
It's great no side effects except for one headache that's it on the first day amazing we are getting cured finally...

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Kaisersub1 17 Dec 2014

I too agree no side effects, as yet 3 red day and I was tired first day, but a cure my goosh. Compare that to the treatment prior to this Harvoni wow, it's like from stone ages, to space age in one step! Thank you Gliad and the insight to buy Solvori (sp) and combined them to create a 100% cure rate in and around 90+% cure rate meaning no hep c virus detectable after 12 weeks in most cases and in some 24 from what we have all read.

jalapena48 15 Jan 2015

Blue Cross Blue Shield approved Harvoni for me in 2 days. I start treatment next week. I did the triple drug treatment about 3 years ago so the idea of only headaches and fatigue sound like a walk in the park
So fortunate to be able to get this drug.

twoblessed2bstressed 25 Jan 2015

From start to getting the Harvoni in the mail was aprox 3 months.

hopenpray 18 Feb 2015

I have Federal BC/BS and Tricare. I have been waiting 2weeks and still no word on approval or denial. Is this unusual ? Sounds like most of you got approved right away.

jrcpitt80 27 Mar 2015

I have BC BS. My doc said that it would take 6-8 weeks before I heard anything and he was correct.

Papa Baldy 3 Mar 2015

I am 61 years old and started attempting to get my insurance to pay since December. I was denied 3 times but on the 4th appeal they finally approved it. I'm just so happy my meds should arrive Friday or Saturday and I can start the treatment. It has been a stressful couple of months. I wish all of you success with your treatments.

Friend needs help 16 Apr 2015

A friend of mine is dealing with 3 denials from his insurance company. Is it worth it to keep appealing it? He has also been turned down by Gilead. Any suggestions? free discount card

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