I have been on Harvoni for 33 days or so. I haven't seen it yet but over the phone I was told I am still 'detected'. I was hoping to be one of the 4 week wonders.. :) My question is this: Has anyone had or heard of kidney function problems with Harvoni? I never had a problem in this area but my last labs my creatinine (should be <1.2 is 1.3) and eGFR (should be >60 is 46). The doc says don't worry and we will monitor. I would hate to destroy my kidneys while trying to slay this dragon.
Side effects: At first it seemed to give me energy but now fatigue. My usual neck, shoulder and upper back pain have been magnified significantly. Muscle knots and new pain in my hips. Also some unexplained brusing on my arms.?
Headache only the first day but that may have been due to me skipping my coffee for fear it would make my stomach sick. I have taken ibuprophin and norco for a long time due to my original pain which is said to be caused by posture at the computer. I have been doing guided meditation for the last 50 days morning and night and find it very benificial for my pain and outlook. :) I wish everyone magic healing like I plan to have!!

Stats: Start of 12 week treatment count was 7 million+, liver tests not always normal but have been for awhile. Had hepC for probably 30 years. Found out about it 20+ years ago. Recent elastography no liver damage showed. Biopsy 7 years ago, score of 0, inflamation only.Clean and sober for 20+ years