I was first diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2002. I believe I contracted the virus in either 1963 when I was inoculated to go overseas with my father who was in the military or in 1982 when I was required by an employer to obtain a Hepatitis A vaccine. In 2002 my doctor opted not to treat it because the virus, fortunately, was a very slow growing strain and because I had also been diagnosed with lupus and interferon is contraindicated in people with lupus. This past summer I was hospitalized with interstitial lung disease (inflammation of the lung). I was a long time smoker but have now quit smoking. My liver is in good shape... I am at the very beginning of Stage 2 cirrhosis. My doctor thinks that Hep C is what caused my lung inflammation. I know that any scarring of my lungs is permanent but I started Harvoni on October 10, 2015 and am wondering whether the lung inflammation will stop if the Hep C is cured. Anybody have any opinions? Thanks.