Mild to moderate on meds after feeling like crap kidney pain severe abdominal pain severe fatigue bloating one day cant go to bathroom then spent days in there get woke up with severe cramps no energy no sex drive do to feeling so bad have read that it can take monthes to feel good again I hope soon because I was not symtamatic before I took it have not got my labs back yet to see if nodeteted sure hope it worked I have seen a friend pass from this horrible desease so was thankful to get it just hope post side affects go away soon mis my get up and go feel like it just got up and went and left me behind with all these Gi and kidney pain and I feel like I am toxic have to push my self out of bed ,oh yeah for those of you with bronchitis while taking havoni be prepared for a ride took a month to go away and the bronchial med shot my heart rate and blood pressure off the chart and that has never happened before I have copd so it was a bummer but alll in all thankful for harvoni seen the other out come so just waiting to feel like my old self just seems weird that I feel worst after off the tx than while I was on it but still would recommend if you can get it please do so lost a friend of hcv it was very sad he suffered alot any one else having this wierd after math would love to hear about it hope you all do well on tx and post