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Harvoni - What has any one done that helps with fatigue?

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Cureforsure15 28 Jul 2015

I am 2 days away from completing a 24 week treatment of HARVONI. This is what I have done to help deal with the fatigue.
First let me say... that my number one priority from day one has been to honor the fact that I was given HARVONI ... by continuing to take excellent care of myself.

I drank half my body weight in water/ liquids.

I took my Miracle Pill ( HARVONI ) with my dinner around 6 pm. I never had any issues with sleeping that I heard other people complain about, because within 2 to 3 hours I was very tired and ready for bed, consequently I got plenty of good sleep. Yes, I was a little hung over in the morning but taking a walk helped with that.

I exercise daily, believe it,or not exercise helps fatigue! Gardening, tennis, socializing whatever keeps you active and mentally happy.

I eat a pretty healthy diet, no alcohol!

And most important ... I tried to keep a positive and productive life as best I could, concentrating on the Gift of a cure of this insidious disease that I have been living with for over 30 years! I am grateful every day.

Good luck! Remember to keep your eyes on the prize!

Jesuslovesyou 28 Jul 2015

I'm not sure what this is for but I do know how exhausting meds. Can be... I have cancer so I totally get it... I have found the best way to counteract fatigue from meds. Is to drink a lot of water. I usually drink smart water since it has a lot of minerals in it and it rejuvenates me... although everybody is different :-) I am praying for you free discount card

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