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Does Harvoni still cure you if you drink while on the medicne?

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azbec 4 Sep 2016

I don't know if it will cure you if your drinking but it sure isn't going to help anything. My question is why are bothering taking Harvoni if your going to continue to drink? Hep C is already putting your liver in danger. Alcohol only adds fuel to the fire. I am not trying to judge you, I am my own worst critic. I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease (cirrhosis) over 16 years ago. This disease is not easy, it is difficult, it effects the people you love, and it torments you night and day. Why when you are given the chance to slow or perhaps avoid cirrhosis you would sabotage that?
Cirrhosis is a slow moving death, slowly taking away your body piece by piece. It is painful, nauseating, with new complications that arise suddenly putting your life in jeopardy. With any luck the doctors can figure out how to combat the complications before it is too late.
Does this sound like anything yo want to go through?
Your doctors are giving you Harvoni for a reason to SAVE your liver, who would you want to ruin it?
Read other peoples post on cirrhosis and feel their struggle, a drink is just not worth it.

Stephen Treloar 5 Sep 2016

I whole heartedly agree with the above but thought of one more thing. Drinking causes liver inflammation which might, in theory, affect blood perfusion in the Liver, just where you want it to be most effective.

PS. I think azbecs comments might be some of the most thoughtful I have read here on this issue. free discount card

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