Hi everyone. I am writing this post on behalf of my dad. He has hepC, genotype 1b. It developed into a liver cancer and after 3 cancer surgeries, he finally got a liver transplant from my brother last year. Soon after the transplant, he relapsed.

Now he finished his 2nd week on Harvoni and entering on his 3rd week. From what I read on the internet (forums, blogs, etc), most people see great results after their 2nd week. But for my dad, his blood results show no much difference in his AST/ALT, virus count.

Is there something wrong? My dad is very anxious because he bought the medicine paying out of pocket (he did not qualify for the support path, he has no insurance), and he bought it at a local pharmacy (not from a major pharmacy such as CVS, Rite aid, etc), and he is doubting about the authenticity of it. (I read it somewhere on the internet that there are fake versions of it... )

I don't know if we are being paranoid, maybe too anxious... but I just wanted to ask if there are people like him who did not show much difference in lab results after 2 weeks of treatment.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.