I had read on here that a user named Sassypantsjane had used the clindamycin cream and found it too harsh for her also. I wish there was a way I could contact Sassypantsjane and asked if her way of using this hateful medicine make it less painful and did it rid of the BV? Girl if you read this please update asap.

Sassypantsjane's own words...

She said
"Have had BV on and off for three years now. Extremely frustrating. The Flagyl/metro pill caused me extreme vaginal discomfort. In comparison the cream is much more comfortable but it has side effects. I have pelvic aches, the first night I inserted a full dose but due to the aching I took a night off and inserted a half dose. Symptoms better, BV discharge is gone but I plan on Inserting a half dose every other night until I run out. Be sure to load up on probiotics or a yeast infection will be inevitable."
Sassypantsjane February 15, 2017