i was prescribed celexa few days ago but have not taken any yet.Afraid of side effects i guess but need something to help me through as im suffering from major depression anxiety and phobias due to weather my job and some stress in family.im doing ok but s ometimes been times im ready to explode and fear certain things will happen.i am not a sleeper either which has been a problem for years. i get a nasty headache and so worked up that i cant go to work or wont and my kids effected but understand.altho certain times and places i hide it so ppl dont know or ruin their fun and go with the flow and take care of alot other ppls needs and wants before my own.trying to fite it drains me more. when i do have a bad episode i lock myself in my daughters room blinds closed lites off and try sleep.when i do have to be up i dont want to do a thing. In the past i was on lexapro but way to expensive without insurance and floexatine but stopped because things were looking up for me alot areas. thanks to all who took the time to read and or reply.god bless.