Hello, I'm uncircumcised and male, hence the foreskin..

Over the past couple of years a hard lump has developed inside the tip of my foreskin, just below the skin.

It's completely painless and rock hard, like a small stone.

There's no redness or soreness, no symptoms of distress whatsoever, it's just there.

It has started to become noticeable during sexual acts. When my partner masturbates me it can cause a little pain. The pain does not emanate from the lump, it is just the pain naturally associated with having a small stone rubbed vigorously against the underside of the glans, try it, it's not cool.

I am not worried about it, I do not believe that it is anything beyond some benign cyst or deposit but I do want to get it sorted as quite simply, I like being vigorously masturbated.

I could go to my local GP who would ummm and ahhh, before referring me to my local hospital who would take weeks to see me then many months to actually do anything. Any procedure would be a five minute job, small incision, small excision.

Obviously no ones going to advocate self-surgery here, no matter how minor, but I'm seriously considering it as I know how drawn out the waiting times are here (NHS) for trivial things such as this.

So, my questions are:

What is this lump likely to be composed of?

Beyond the risk of infection, what other complications could be involved with me making a 3-5mm slit in my foreskin and popping this thing out?