I have looked far and wide and would like to know exactly what's going on with my toes/toenails. When I started my most recent job, my feet just really started hurting, and then it spread to my knees. While I was trying different shoes and inserts to get me through the 10-hour shifts, my toenails on my big toes began to look purple and black. I thought it was no big deal, just a little bruising. But one day while I was grooming my feet, I dug under the nail a bit and I was sad to find it was not just bruising, but big blood-filled blisters under both nails. After draining both completely and repeatedly over the course of a week, I was afraid I was going to lose the nails because there was not much nail-bed left unblistered (and the nails seemed wiggly). Now my toenails, while dry in the pocket left behind in the blister, seem thicker and deformed. The nail is even raising at the back of the toe above the normal line, and the sides are bending at a strange angle. They are also now pitted and ridged. While the nails DO appear yellow, it's only over the pocket left by the blister (the parts still fully attached, while still bent and pocked, look normal color). What's going on? Does it sound fungal or is it just trauma-related? Should I just keep trimming the separated nail parts as the nail grows out, or do I need to invest in a doc visit?