Hello, so I have been working out(cardio at least 30-40 minutes a day anything besides treadmill, and then some weightlifting), and eating as healthy as can be for a long time now. I have had a problem with running for awhile and I really want to figure out what the problem is. So what happens is, as soon as I start running/jogging for exercise, not even 2 minutes into it, my legs from my calves to my ankles just about cripple me to the point where I can barely even walk. They swell up and then on my right leg this "bump" of some sort appears on my right leg. It almost looks like a vein is popping out. I never see this on my leg until I jog like that and my legs swell up. It's not like a cramping feeling, I know what that feels like. They just swell up and hurt and get to the point to where I barely have any movement in my ankles like I can barely move my feet around let alone walk. If I didn't still have the strength in my upper legs I would probably fall over. I'm pretty much dragging both of my legs after a 1.5 minute JOG??? What is this? I drink PLENTY of water, eat extremely healthy, have tried potassium pills, I stretch more than enough beforehand, and I am in shape and can do anything for a long time BESIDES running which in my opinion is the best form of cardio so I really want to fix this. I've asked numerous doctors and they say drink more water, more potassium and eat healthier. But I've been doing ALL of that for years. Even when I just WALK at 3.5 speed on the treadmill for literally 3-5 minutes, this happens. I can't even "power walk" lol. And also I have tried different shoes and everything like that. Last night I tried jogging just to show my family what I'm talking about and couldn't even run halfway around a small block without it happening so I came home and showed them and my calves were rock solid feeling like they're about to burst and they thought maybe it could be lack of blood flow? Or maybe even blood clots? Idk. I''m out of ideas. Any suggestions? Thanks.