The incident was no more than 5 minutes in duration, though to be fair I cannot remember the passage of time well. I felt faint, and had been feeling faint for maybe half an hour. I had been feeling slightly queasy for a few minutes, to increasing degrees of pain. My vision began to cloud over until I was completely blind. I was kneeling at the time and sort of stumbled to my seat. My vision gradually cleared. A friend noticed something was wrong and asked me if I was okay. My fave felt cold and slightly numb at this point. Later she told me my face was white and my pupils dilated. I described what had happened but my voice and hers sounded muffled to me, as if I were hearing them through some terrible noise-canceling headphones. I closed my eyes for a while, and when I opened them I could hear better, but I was hearing a sound similar to TV static that no one else seemed to hear. Eventually this all faded away but I remained queasy for the next few hours, and I think I had a bit of trouble speaking.