Why does my reg. Dr. treat me like a chart # and doesn't have time to answer any of my questions, even though I visit him on a monthly basis. I have no idea, yes I'm shopping for one that has some kind of bedside manner. I'm a loving mom and wife, and for some reason my hair is falling out; all over my body. On 2/13/15 I discovered a bald spot the size of a half dollar coin piece. I'm still trying to recover over this. Today I shared with my general physician my situation, he's answer visit a dermatologist. After, I tried making a appt. with the dermatologist, I learned I need a referral from my reg.Dr. I called and he informed me he'll talk to me about it next month when I see him (Dr.) again. I've tried doing the research on my own, but now I'm only more confused than ever. I don't want to wait another month for that referral then another month n half for the dermatologist appt. I don't feel that I've got that much time, before waking up to only a few strands of hair on my head. Already I've gone from a thick head of hair to really fine hair. On going for 3yrs mainly hair thinning, but now no hair on my eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs, or even that lil peach fuzz I used to have. I've tried topical and oral solutions for men no results, my gut instinct tells me, the reason is on the inside. Any help is greatly appreciated and needed. I'm tired of feeling all alone, I'm not a vain person, it's just that I really do miss what I always had my entire life and now there's nothing I can do about it Please any help or ideas if you can. Thank you in advanced, friends.