I wrote my first post last week , did something wrong cus it didn't go through. So now I have to start from the beginning again. I am addicted to Norco 10/325. I take 10-15 pills a day, sometimes more, sometimes less for about 5 years. Last month I went to see a Suboxone Dr. I was 2 days into withdrawals. We only talked for 10 minutes cus I was late for my appointment. He did not give me the suboxone. He told me to make another appointment and rushed me out the door. Could not get in for 2 weeks so I refilled my Norco then went to a NA meeting. First meeting in 30 years. Yesterday I went back to the Sub Dr and he still would not give me the script. He wants me to be inpatient in the Hosp for detox. I don't want to go that route at this time so I'm going to try it my way once again. I have 100 Norco and am going to taper myself. This has never worked before but this time I'm running out of options and need to be more serious. Or I can find another Suboxone Dr but I'm afraid of it now. I am glad I found this support group. I think you all are awesome. I went to another NA meeting last night but don't really want to go. I also have a therapist I see weekly.