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What will happen if I stop taking my levothyroxine suddenly while waiting for new RX?

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kaismama 14 May 2013

You cannot go without this medication. Why are you waiting for a prescription? Your body needs this hormone to function. You should never allow yourself to run out.

endlessPred 15 May 2013

The answer is more complex. If it is a couple days, you will be fine. If it is a month, you will lose the hormone in your body and be having symptoms. Depending the reason for your medication, these could be severe. If your hormones drop too low, or go too high, you may well have dangerous symptoms.

What is the reason you have to wait for a prescription?

AKGreen 15 May 2013

I have a 90 day supply mail for all my meds. and The Dr. has renewed my script and she said I would be OK for the week it will take to get it through the mail. I have AARP/Medicare prescription insurance and the 90 day plan saves me lots of money. A lot of my medications are co-pay free by having this plan. Thanks everyone!!

endlessPred 15 May 2013

Hi. I haven't tried their mailing plan. We get such severe winters here I didn't want it to freeze. But good to know. AARP reading helps reduce costs with Medicare.

Yes, as your doctor said, a week is fine. They ought to send automatically now. Thanks for the info. Karen free discount card

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