At first my Dr. Prescribed .50mg but then change it to .25mg. The reason, I was feeling awful especially with headaches all day long and dizziness, besides I started to gain weight so rapidly. Took that for three months. Then started my new dosis of .25mg. (Being on that for almost four years).
Now dr. Prescribed again to take .50mg because she saw a "little" drop in my labs even I was feeling good! Only a little restricted of my breathing since I have tracheal stenosis.
I am obedient so started the new dose, by the second day I started with headaches and dizziness again! Only take my new dose for one week, that was enough for me, and no kidding I gain four pounds in that time even with no changes in my diet. I refuse to feel like that everyday, so I got back to my .25mg pill. And am feeling good. Honestly I believe I should never take this medicine.
How I was diagnosed? Well, Four years ago I ended at ER for breathing problems because I have had tracheal stenosis for six years, which was relief with some higher steroids as usual. But I was also tell to see a doctor because of my lab results show issues with my thyroid.