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What will happen to my body if I refuse oxygen?

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Stephen Treloar 16 Aug 2014

What do you mean? In what situation are you going to need oxygen apart from breathing?

cmccammon54 17 Aug 2014

Home oxygen, 24/7 I will lose my job with it. I feel fine, oxygen level is at 80 drs. want it at 100.

kaismama 16 Aug 2014

If your whole body doesn't get oxygen your brain and heart will die. If a portion of your body doesn't get oxygen it will die.

dakmaknk 16 Aug 2014

Are you talking about home oxygen?
Refusing your body oxygen you will die.
Are you ok? I might be reading more into this than intended.

cmccammon54 17 Aug 2014

My oxygen level is at 80. It should be 100. I feel fine, my doctor tells me I need to be on oxygen 24/7. I was just curious to know what would happen if I don't get put on oxygen. I will lose my job if I'm on it. I drive a school bus...

Stephen Treloar 17 Aug 2014

That is extremely low blood oxygen saturation. I'm not sure if EPO would improve things appreciably. Without supplementary oxygen you risk fainting or passing out with little or no warning.

Explore all avenues with your doctor to improve this situation (in Australia your driving license would already be cancelled under mandatory reporting rules: endangering the safety of others).

Good luck with improving your current situation, Steve.

spike22 17 Dec 2014

You say you would lose your job if you were on oxygen because you drive a bus. I don't know what state you live in, but in the state I live in anything below 88 is an automatic license revocation. You risk losing conciousness, being cognitivly slowed and you will suffer permanent brain and heart damage. If will affect your driving skills and could lead to an accident that affects more than just your body. And if your Dr knows what you do for a living he may notify the registry. Probably more than you wanted to know but I already regret not addressing my oxygen needs sooner. I didn't know how bad I become until after I had been on oxygen for several weeks. Take care. free discount card

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