how do you handle when things don't work out the way you want? i have posted here before about my sleep struggles and things were better for a week and last night i hit the wall again. i know it's only one night, but i start to think the cycle of no sleep is starting again and get all worked up. i am 30 weeks and i started nortriptyline (75 mg) about 10 days ago to help with sleep and i am not sure it's really cutting it. i am also taking some unisom, like 1/2 a tab. any advice on how to not get caught up in the what if's? i know it's normal not to sleep well at this point in my preg too, but it causes a lot of anxiety for me. i feel like i am taking these meds, i should be sleeping! also-how early do you all take the nortrip? i am doing an hour before bed, but maybe it needs to be earlier?