been fighting this for almost 2 yrs,have had steroid shots ,triple antibiotic shots,then capsule form antibiotics ,hydrocortisone cream. fingers bleed ,crack ,and itch constantly to where i cant stand it. this works great ,but soon as the medicine is over with after a week ,then the symptons come back maybe 2 weeks later ,then back to the same routine. since december 2009 to todays date july 30th 2010 really been fighting this. back in 2006 i had problems with my ears that split ,cracked bleeding, itched like crazy. went to a dermatoligist ,ordered me sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim ,andrifampin 300mg,also prednicarbate,which is dermatop 60gm,plus mupirocin ointment. took all this for about 7 days ,healed it all up ,never came back until about 2 weeks ago in my left ear only,so could this with my hands be connected to my ears too. i was given a prescription for driprolene af 30 grams,but didnt get it filled due to no insurance ,it cost 90.00 dollars. has anyone tryed this for hand eczema ,and did the results work out good with it. i am in so much pain constantly where i cant sleep at night ,hurts to drive a car etc.tryed wearing cotton gloves with vaseline ,neosporin cream ,just about everything imaginable,just need some good kind of treatment ,but cant afford it due to no health insurance. never dealt with this stuff until abot 2 yrs ago with the hands. any good suggestions would be appreciated.