my son, 23 years old had some hallucination problems and was prescribed 20 mg of haloperidol but I went to the doctor due to side effects and I was told by the Doctor that he was prescribed high dose of this medicine because he is actually having side effects like involuntary muscle movement and mouse saliva that do not let him talk or move properly; he does not have any behavior problems and he is thinking normally; they say that this is a side effect totally; medicine was decreased to 10 mg a day but my question is what should I do to get him out of this medication asap. thks please help
what can I do to help him in the need of this medication because now his body ask for the medicine and he does not want to take it but his body acts extrange like it need it.
He has been with this drug for only 1 week.
please help me
thank you and God bless you
Desperate Dad in need