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Haldol - Any symptoms of breath smell because of the medicine or the dry mouth symptom?

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justfranblue 17 Apr 2011

biotene helps with dry mouth. my dentist recommended it to me. was having dry mouth with yucky taste from med side effects. they make toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth spray. i like to carry the spray with me and anytime during the day i can spray my tounge to moisten it. you can get biotene at walgreens, cvs, walmart. walmart is the cheapest. and make sure you r drinking lots of water. meds can really dry u out. hope this helps!

Inactive 17 Apr 2011

Hello terinbtown. Its been a long time for me but I was once on Haldol. I looked back in my notes, bear with me, my memory is poor, so over the years I keep a medication diary. ha! I had, and it was a major problem, dry mouth. It never seemed to go away. What worked for my, or helped might be a better word, were peppermints like in candies and also lifesavers, you know different brands. Of course, always drinking water. Lots of water. I hope that that you can get/become comfortable with haldol, it helped me. Wishing you well.

Inactive 17 Apr 2011

Oh and justfranb, good tip the biotene. I'll write it down for futur reference. thanks! free discount card

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