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I have a hairline fracture on my ribs and I have Bronchitis. I'm in a lot of pain. Ideas for pain?

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Inactive 3 Mar 2012

Well, hydrocodone will help your pain in the chest & your rib, & is way cheaper for a script than Lidodrm Patches as it would only help the rib, & cost about $600 for 30 of them. I know it's the weekend, but call your doc & ask the oncall doc what you have asked here. I don't think they would refuse you a few like 20 hydrocodone, & it can be called to a pharmacy. Best of luck to you & I hope you are feeling better soon... Mary

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meyati 3 Mar 2012

Some codiene based med. Traditionally codiene has been used for unstoppable coughs. use the words- stop the cycle of pain-I'm in agony-can you afford to go to an Urgent Care or ER? If U R coughing blood- tell them-if flem is even any shade of green tell them. Green flem is a sign of dried blood from either the lungs or sinuses. Once I was coughing so much that my throat was bleeding-I was given codiene pills to relax my bronchial tubes-expand them and have the medicine work-it also healed my throat because the coughing stopped. They used to make cough syrup with codiene in it. Also wrap your ribs tight-that reduces the agony of the rib moving around-then with your coughing- dear lord you must be suffering.

Taller 4 Mar 2012

Thank you for your answers. I ended up calling my doctor and he prescribed oxycodone for me because I am allergic to codeine and hydrocodone. He even came in on a Saturday to write it because it's a med. that cant be called in. He prescribes Lidoderm patches earlier in the week but I had a bad reaction to it. He said to go to the E.R. this weekend if it gets worse. He also said to call my pain clinic Doc. on Monday and insist they get me in and give me a numbing shot. I tried earlier this week but my pain Doc. was on vacation. My primary Doc. said he would personally call them for me if I have trouble getting in. I am so miserable. I cant breathe deep and when I cough the pain is horendous.

Inactive 4 Mar 2012

Taller, glad you got ahold of the doc. A numbing shot will only last a few hours. Had em, work for a bit, but then right back to the pain. They tried to give me a nerve block thru the ribs on my back to numb the liver area, & my boob (sorry) was numb for about 4 hours, but did not touch my liver pain. Sorry to tell you this. Kind of expeisive too a few hours relief. I take oxycodone too & it should help with the pain. good luck & let us know how you are doing... Mary

meyati 5 Mar 2012

Sorry that UR allergic to codiene. I'm allergic to what you can take. I understand your frustration. Keep in touch with us.

I use hot tea-with lemon juice and honey in it. It actually works. I think breathing in the steam helps. At least it's soothing and it's what the Army used back in the day.

Taller 6 Mar 2012

Thanks to you both for caring. I called my PM Doctor today and I can't get in untill next week. They suggested I go to the ER if things get worse before that. The Bronchitis seems to be getting better but my ribe actualy feel worse. I think it's because of all the coughing and vomiting/dry heaving I have done. Thank you again. Sincerely-Taller

meyati 6 Mar 2012

Too much cough syrup can cause the dry heaves-not that you feel like eating anyway. That would really do the rib in. Without any rib damage-I was wasted-hurting-almost wishing that i could die. Can you go into an Urgent Care? They are about 110 here, which is cheaper than the 1200 for an ER. I'll say 2 things-I don't envy you any-and you're a very tough and strong person in many ways.

Inactive 6 Mar 2012

Be very careful that the fracture doesn't get worse as it could break & puncture your lung. When you have to coulgh, hold a small pillow snug against that rib. I know how bad they hurt I break them all the time... Mary free discount card

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