After reading a lot of the questions and answers. Issues's that I have been having are coming to light. I was put on Spiro for cystic acne. Since then I've had major hair loss. Even went to see my dermatologist about it, the one who prescribed Spiro and she didn't say anything about it. Just ordered blood work to check my thyroid and gave me a medicated shampoo. I was put on hormones around the same time as the Spiro (over 7 months ago) and ended up quitting the hormones a few months ago because of fatigue and that I felt light headed when exercising sometimes, but now I'm thinking it was the Spiro? I went to my primary care doctor to get checked and my blood pressure was low and I was asked if that was normal for me. I've had an EKG, Echocardiogram and lots of blood work done and no problems were found. I exercise and eat healthy. Besides the hair loss, could Spiro be the cause of how I've been feeling?