I'm a young woman and I took this medication to treat my depression and anxiety and felt better within hours. It also unexpectedly and dramatically improved my fibromyalgia, which I had treated with every conventional and off-label therapy possible. I have had dramatically reduced pain, increased energy, normal cognitive function, improved libido, the list of major life improvements goes on and on.
I have increased acne and some facial hair, which are annoying. I have middle insomnia but I just don't care because I feel so great.
The one MAJOR problem is hair loss. I noticed it about 3-4 weeks in. The texture of my hair changed and then I noticed it coming out in the shower, in the sink, brushing my teeth, on my keyboard, on my steering wheel, etc.
I normally have thick, curly hair but my hats feel bigger and I certainly notice thinner hair and my scalp peeking through.
I have read this is a "rare" side effect. It hasn't been ameliorated with folic acid, biotin, or selenium. I'm afraid that the increased dopamine has increased testosterone, and DHT (the testosterone responsible for irreversible male pattern baldness).
That would explain the libido, acne, and hair loss. Anyone have any real experiences, real facts, or real tried and true remedies for this? I am deathly afraid of having to stop this drug and go back to my life of infinite physical pain and debilitating fatigue. I tried going down to 4.5 (cutting a 9mg patch in half) for two days and it either wasn't a therapeutic dose or I didn't give it enough time. I don't know if it will stop the hair loss. HELP!