I have been having problems for years and I finally decided to do something about it once I felt I had no control. Very soon I lost my father insurance and wasnt able to afford my own. So I was curious and tried aderoll that my mother is prescribed and took it maybe a total of 15-20 pills at 30 milagrams within 2 months. I shortly found help with insurance and have been prescribed methylphenidate HCL 5MG because they dont and wont cover aderoll. Which over the past few weeks now my doctor has told me its okay to up to taking 4 pills twice a day. So my question is this. I recent was called in for a drug screening for GM. They drug test was were they cut my hai rand will send it to their forensic lab. Is there big difference between aderoll and ritalin? Also looking up things online and very nervous but will it appear on the test that im doing cocaine? I told the nurse what I did and she took notes of what I was prescribed and noted for adhd, should I be worried?