... 21 because my Fallopian tube twisted and cut off oxygen and blood flow to ovary. 2 c-sections and appendectomy by 25. Had a tubal ligation at 29. At age 37 I had a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis and my uterus was tilted. I am now dealing with chronic pain in my pelvis area. Many ultrasounds and MRI showed nothing. Was told it could be scar tissue. My doctor had me on Vicoden 7.5 and then changed to Norco 10. Norco is not helping me with the frequency of the pain. He now has me on 25mcg Fentanyl with Norco for the break through pain. These patches are not working for me and Ive heard horror stories of addiction with them. Im tired of hurting everyday, What should I do?? The Dr. doesn't seem to care or understand the seriousness of my pain. Should I go to a Pain Management Center?? Find a new Dr?? Is there another pain reliever that might work better for me?? I don't drink or do drugs and work hard everyday. I just want to have a pain free day