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Had bypass sugery,6 yr.ago takinging hydrocone for chronic pain,i get tightness in chest when walki?

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christineATU 27 Mar 2010

Be safe and make an appointment with your cardiologist. If you have been taking hydrocodone for 6 years, you should talk to your doctor about changing the medication. That is too long of a period to be on a fast release opioid. It may cause serious harm to your entire system. Discuss with your doctor about switching you to a sustained release pain killer. It allows your brain's systems time to regenerate. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon!

subzero58 27 Mar 2010

hi ollschool, what's wrong with your doctor? why would he be giving you hydrocodone? that stuff is gonna kill ya. my dad had same operation you did. when he took pain med it was long acting without all the other junk. you may need to be on a blood thinner.easy does it with the walking. are you on aspirin therapy? get with your doctor very soon or go to the E.R. if i sound angry about your doctors care, its cause my dad's doctors didn't do enough after care.keep up wit all your cardio appointments and take care of yourself.keep on your docs case for every little thing you even think is wrong. my dad was mr. old country mr.old school god bless you,your in my prayers.

christineATU 27 Mar 2010

You are so right SubZero... could you imagine? 6 years of vicodin? Some doctors just don't give a shit. free discount card

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