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Had a heart attack last august--how long is normal to stay on plavix??Gail in florida!?

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Nebkid 8 Jun 2010

I believe this was my question almost two years ago after my heart attack. I've come to the conclusion after reading replies here and talking to other people, that each person is different and doctors differ in their opinions. In my case, I was off of it after a year but last March I had another stent put in so I'm back on it for awhile. My advice is to follow your doctor's recommendation. I personally have not had any adverse effects except for the easy bruising.

CHANGES 2010 8 Jun 2010

Thank you so much for writing back! I have been looking for a support for a long time that could answer questions I feel funny asking my doctor! This heart attack came out of no where and is still a shock to me. I also hate taking drugs of any kind but also understand this is one that keeps people alive and will continue to take it as long as the Dr. seems fit. The brusing does make me crazy as I am very active and have created some really "nice ones" over the past 9 months! It also makes me nervous as I had had a aortic anurism repair the year before. Anyone who has had this knows the size of this stent in my body for that repair! Bleeding would definately be an issue on plavix! Again, I thank you for yout answer! Gail

marjorie zych 8 Jun 2010

Typical time I have noticed is about 6 months to 1 year. You really need to go on what your doctor says because everyones system is different. My husband had a heart attack with immediate stent placement and was only on Plavix for 4-6 months but I have known others to be on it for 2 years with no stent placement. My husband is on Aspirin 81mg daily though so he is on some form of blood thinning medicine. Hope this answers your question some. Good luck. marjorie zych

CHANGES 2010 8 Jun 2010

Thank you so much for writing back! Your answer was very helpful and reassuring! Nice to know there is a place to get some answers! Gail

Rajive Goel 8 Jun 2010

I have been on Plavix (clopidogrel) & aspirin since the last 2 years after stents being inserted in one of my valves, been told that its a life long med, as answered each individual has different reactions to the same med, perhaps your doc./pharmacist would be the best to advice on the normality of the med, hope this helps, take care! free discount card

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