... lately. Not really sure what is going on, so i decided to type up on here and see what you fine people can tell me. Normally my period is 4 days long. The first day is really heavy with pretty bad cramping, the second day is heavy but the cramping has stopped. the third day is normally not to heavy, i would say a medium flow. By the end of the fourth day, my period has either stopped completely or is just spotting very lightly. That"s normally the way it goes and has went sense i very first started having my period.

This month's period has been very weird, and im starting to get concerned. My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for the last 5 months. Last month my period came one week early, and this month it came two weeks early. This time its completely backwards though. I started out on the first day spotting very lightly, and that continued for 3 days. So i thought that we might finally be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it turned up negative. So, that wasnt it. Then on the fourth day, which typically is the last day of my period, i started bleeding and cramping very heavily. I am now on the 6th day of my period and still bleeding very heavily and still cramping pretty bad. I have NEVER had a period for six days. and never been bleeding very heavily past my 3rd day of the period. So im a little confused and worried. If anyone out there has gone through this same thing and can give me a little advice or set my mind at ease, that would be great! Thanks a lot!!!