Ive just been taken off 5x2mgp/day of zanax, they gave me clonazepam 2mg x 5p/day & have had the worst 4days of my life!! I suffer extreme anxiety, panic attacks, insane insomnia, severe agitation, and my condition is even more severe now. The clonazepam doesn't seem to have done anything at all if not made me feel worse!! Looking back the only time i felt ok & could actually sleep was when they had me on the 5x2mg xanax, 30mg murelax at same quantity & time as xanax & 5mg valium x2 4p/day!! I know that sounds like a lot of benzo's at once, but it worked!! Now theyve decided after 8yrs of this, that i need to change but with so many conditions, i currently have no sense of normality, life or sleep well thats a joke, the only time i get it is after 3-4 wks & my body is so exhausted i basically collapse & i get an hr or two at best!! I have also suffered severe lumbar back pain going back to 1999.Ive had some suggestions to enquire about such meds that may help me like Ativan, lexapro, Trazadone, Cymbalta so i guess id like to know if anyone has had similar experience or can give me solid advise, also if they would recommend something that contains a form of barbiturate as well to help me out of my hell!!! Ive had no thoughts of self harm, hurting others however with my anxiety peaking, insomnia at an all time high, I'm in constant pain no matter how i try & lay/rest in bed... I'm a sad case!! Plsplspls can anyone give me some solid advise as my specialist appointment is at 9am in the morning & i need to be able to go in there without just bein a sobbing,crying meltdown & be able to tell my specialist just how severe & wound up i am!! The smallest if things is making me go crazy, even a stupid little grass cricket makin noise at night trying to get himself some action!!! Pls help members of our groups i cant be the only person out there to feel this way, or been in this situation. I need some immediate results of some kind from my specialist & if i can let them know ive been studying & trying to get as much info & understanding of my condition as possible, I'm hoping they will hear,my plea