... life. My family don't understand it at all. I am highly educated, just received a PhD and will be working at prestigious research institution soon. But depression is reality. I feel completely dead inside. No one understands me. They tell me it is all in my head and I'm self inducing it. I swear I am not. Depression colors everything I see in life. I no longer see colors. It is all just a different degrees of grey. I feel no emotions inside whatsoever. No love, no happiness, no gratitude, and hope. I feel like there is a dead person inside of me. And I am so exhausted carrying that dead body with me everywhere I go. Am I prone to depression? Is this environmental? Is it due to temperament? I can't say. I am not the maker of who I am. I used to pray that depression was the cancer of mind. It is cancer of emotions. It is cancer of heart. I do not know what other cancers are just as painful, but depression I will dare to define it as a cancer of mind. I have no support system. It would be truly grateful if some of you guys can reach out to me and walk with me through this dark tunnel. I am utterly alone