which many of you that know me,know that this is'nt something new.
I am going in for yet another laparascopy tue 10th july,the endometriosis has spread and is causing me unreal pain as before. I am also getting treatment for abnormal smear/pap test results,I've being for consultations and colposcopy and the doc's say i have cin 3,so they need to remove cells while lasering the spread of endo also.
My question is,i have being given the normal pain medication after last lap and have been taking prescribed tramadol along with trying many other pain relief meds,but none of them relieve the pain on a normal day and I understand what is ahead of me with this surgery from having it done before,so I am looking for advice or recommendations of good pain killers,I'm not pill seeking,I just want to know if anyone has any ideas as what works for this kind of pain.
To those who do not know me,I do not abuse meds but just looking for help as after last lap,they sent me home with difene and tramadol and i was back in the er 2days later with severe pain.
Please if anyone has any advice,it would be gratefully appreciated!!
Thank you for taking the time in reading this.
Hugs to you all
A x