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If a guy at age of 50 gets off effexor, would that decrease his sex drive?

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LaurieShay 15 Feb 2012

No, once you are safely off the effexor your sex drive should increase. Most antidepressants curb the sex drive. Stopping the effexor should be done gradually so to avoid withdrawals.

papasam 16 Feb 2012

Correct once you are off the effexor your sex drive should return, unless you have a testosterone issue, in my case mine tested at 167, extremely low, so getting off effexor did very little for me. I have since been put on testosterone injections but the climb will be slow due to taking so many statins. I am making an assumption that you are trying to come off effexor or already have. If you haven't yet the process must be slow or the withdrawals are awful.

Inactive 16 Feb 2012

As anti-depressants are notorious for decreasing your libido, one can only hope that getting off of them will do nothing but increase your libido. This just might be the best thing to happen to you in years (or since you started anti-depressants). I just stopped taking Cymbalta, cold turkey, with my psychiatrist's blessing, am feeling just peachy and my life partner (no I am not gay) is having a grand old time. This certainly is the best thing to happen to this old hippie in a long time. If you might need a little hormone replacement, be sure to ask your doc as my depressive episodes were tied into my hormonal flucuations every month... a woman's curse.
Anyway, congratulations to you, and I pray there is never a need for anti-depressants in your life ever again.
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