Just recently my Aunt thought she had a bad case of the Flu. For approx 6 weeks she continued to lay on a couch in her living room.
I tried several times to take her to see a doctor but to no avail. My Aunt continued to insist she didn't need to see a doctor because her only complaint was fatigue. Finally, I dragged her to the doctors office.
After examining my Aunt the doctor thought it was best to run some tests. After the doctor ran preliminary tests she was then referred to an oncologist who ordered a biopsy of her liver.
The biopsy concluded that she had stage 4 liver cancer. Both of us we're shocked because she wasn't a drinker nor was there any family history of Liver Cancer.
I to this day feel somewhat responsible for her stage 4 Cancer because I was her soul caretaker. I felt as if there should have been other signs or symptoms yet there were none.
I'm sharing my story with other members so they won't make the same mistake I did.
As a non-practising medical assistant I should of gone with my instinct & gotten her to the doctor sooner.
Please don't hesitate to ask questions & follow through with your loved ones care.
Unfortunately, my Aunt wasn't strong enough to have chemotherapy and she has since passed away.