I recently had a gum-grafting surgery on my mouth yesterday and i was prescribed 7.5mg vicodins that i am supposed to take 4 times a day... well i also picked up some 2mg xanax which i'll take 1 or 1 and 1/2 a day with my vicodin? will this combination effect my healing process or possibly be dangerous? also will this xanax have a the side affect on my antibiotics/anti inflammatory medication (i think im taking an antibotic similar to clindamycon and not sure about the anti-inflammatory)... Anyway, any quick response to this question will help... i dont feel like messing up anything will this surgery.. Also my doc prescribed some zolpidem (i think thats what its called, some generic form related to ambiem)... is this vicodin/xanax/zolpidem will be fine for the next week?