... past and are still having problems and seem to be getting worse after years of stability. I had gbs in 2001 (then 48 now 61 years old) but continued to require narcotics and anti-spasmotic meds following "recovery". In the past two years the weakness and exhaustion increased to a point that I now spend very little time out of bed. Initially, (2001), over a period of three weeks, I became paralyzed from the waist down: no movement or sense of touch but excruciating pain. Upper extremity problems were weakness and loss of coordination. After 4 months I was admitted to rehab. When I went in, I could not even sit... After five weeks I went home using a walker and soon was walking unassisted but experienced intermittent falls. My medicines were reduced a lot but after several attempts to stop narcotics, my Md convinced me that after two years I had improved all that I was going to. After a year I returned to college and completed all but the final semester of a master's degree when the powers that be decided I was ruining my health and that even if I graduated, I would be unable to practice. I worked at two desk jobs but the combo of medicines and lack of stamina made concentration difficult so I was forced to reinstate my disability status. I was wondering if anyone out there had a similar health history following gbs and had any wisdom for me. Fifteen to thirty minutes of light activity forces me back to bed and I have given up socializing e.g. church etc. Other than a very loving but busy spouse my relationships subsist thru text, email and chat online. Does anyone else out there relate to what is happening to me?