hi guys... many of u know that I was waiting for a genetic test results on Olivia... my new puppy... a cardigan welsh corgi... the corgi with the tail... well I got up to go to the BR... it is like 3:30 am... hoy... but I thought I would check the website OFFA where the test was being run... and not really expecting to find out anything different than what I have be finding... but the rest results were finally posted... she is clear... for those of u who don't know I lost my two Pembroke welsh corgis--- the corgi without the tail--- two months ago within 5 days of each other... heartbreaking... they were 14 yrs. Old
so... I get to go and pick her up later on today... I am soooo excited!!!
Too bad I cant post a pic of her but I will post one on Facebook... which I will figure out how to do that... but anyway... just wanted to share some good news with my new and wonderful DC family.

And yes I know I promised to post more info on my sub dose and doc visit... will do that later today.
So I hope all of you will b excited for me!!!
Now I won't be able to get back to sleep!!! Good night or morning!!!
Blessings to all... pup