Can anyone please, tell me how long does It take to start seeing a difference in my child when on this med ?? She is on 1 mg . She just started taken it today. She was diagnosed with adhd and add and so much more. Doc put her on this med and I DON'T see any difference in her hyperness . She still cant sit still. She is up doing the exact same thing . She just is really hyper bouncing off the walls. Swinging her feet and pacing back in fourth. And very talkative . Also I noticed she is eating more. She just cant seem to concentrate on one thing. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ?? I'll I saw was GOOD things people was putting up on here. This medicine was to HELP my daughter calm down NOT stay the same . JUST I NOTE TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS .SHE HAS A MINIMUM CHOICE OF MEDS SHE CAN BE ON DUE TO BEING ON A BETA BLOCKER DUE TO HER HEART.