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Is this group still alive and is it a good place to find someone on probation *drugs* 2 talk 2?

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Stephen Treloar 22 Dec 2016

Sorry, but this may not be the best website for you. As it is a help/advice site dedicated to the responsible use of legitimately prescribed medication discussions about drug use or illegal drug use are not allowed unless you are asking for legitimate help (for example if you ask how to cheat a drug screen your post will be removed and so on). We are all pretty decent people but there are just two things that there is pretty much zero tolerance or sympathy for: inappropriate drug use and liver disease people who won't take quitting drinking seriously, especially those with HCV. Mostly we are pretty good with the alcoholic issues as it is usually a concerned spouse or partner asking. Alcoholics, like me, who are sober can be pretty judgy (including me); there is almost nothing more annoying than a reformed drunk.

Maybe try the old forums where the rules are more liberal? There is a link somewhere on the home page.

Windchimes123 23 Dec 2016

Nicely written Stephen.
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