... Upjohn Pharama )
I've been on Greenstone only probably 7 months . Been on Benzos unfortunately since I was 19 years old , I'll be 35 in a week.
So Walgreens off all pharmacies, takes real good care of me and treats me like a VIP customer .
So when I was 1st getting my Xanax of course I got brand and couldn't afford to continue to get it.

I did research while I was in the Pharmacy trying to find the best generic available.
After seeing many people vouch on greenstone, for there 2mg bars . I literally had brand in one hand and GS in the other both very similar.

But one thing I notice with the new greenstone 2 mg bar is that if you let it dissolve under your tongue, it's gone almost immediately. The older greenstone I got in March were a lot closer to brand as far as the pills being a different texture and taking at least 2 minutes or longer to dissolve.

So has anyone else have the same problem if you've been on Greenstone for a long time , because I know all of you know what I'm talking about .

Please help me out I get my refill on the 24th and don't want to get another 90 Greenstone if there not the best , . What do people think of Dava 2 mg the green bars . Are those any good, never had them.
Please help .. Thanx