I have asthma and seasonal allergies (especially in the spring and fall). For about a month, I've had green mucus. When my symptoms first started, I had a low grade fever (treated with tylenol and resolved within a few days), extreme fatigue, runny nose, coughing, and excess (green/yellow) mucus. Within a week, the fatigue, coughing, and fever went away. I still had green/yellow mucus (mild) and an occasional cough. Over the weekend (a month later), all the original symptoms have returned (coughing, low grade fever, runny nose, and fatigue). I also have a hoarse voice, difficulty with swallowing, and excessive green/yellow mucus. At this time, should I seek medical help (I have no health insurance and an office visit is costly)? Also, I work with seniors (over the age of 60) - am I contagious (are they at risk)? Thank you!