At anytime I can make green discharge from my nipples, Is it true an infection can cause nipple discharge. My doctor took a sample of the discharge fluid and send it to a lab for testing, He said it was Staphylococcus. But never gave me any meds, he said it was normal. not to worry about it that everyone has it on their skin. but that was like 5 years ago and I have the same discharge and I have even had blood come out since. what should I do? is this normal? Also FYI 6 years ago I had a staphylococcal infection that was a boil on my chin, my finger and my cheek at three different times, after three rounds of antibiotics, I had to go to an infectious disease Specialist, that gave me sulfur based med and it went away. Is it possible that I have Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, known as MRSA,? Is there a test for it?